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CSV report columns - LAST_UPDATE vulnerability updated

Question asked by dpa2011 on Feb 29, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2012 by dpa2011

Hi everyone


Apologies if this question has already been answered but I did do a search and wasn't able to find any existing threads.


I want to issue our support teams a report showing patches that have been available for over 2 and 6 months.

This is in line with our patching policy.


I can create a search list showing if a patch is currently available and when the QID/service was last modified.

When I create a CSV version of the report I noticed there isn't a column stating when the QID/service was last updated unlike the "LAST_UPDATE" key in the XML report.


Having this column in the CSV report would be handy so that our support teams can also prioritise based on how old the vulnerability is.

Ideally we would like to see patches older than 6 months all applied and having a date on when the QID/service in the CSV report was last updated would assist.


Can this be done already or can it be raised as a feature request?