ESXi virtual scanner appliance experience

Discussion created by akohler40 on Feb 28, 2012
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I just wanted to post on my first experience with Qualys and their virtual scanner appliance. Setup of the virtual appliance was a breeze with only one minor road bump. It rquired setting up a DHCP pool in VCenter but again not a problem it just needs to DHCP the first time and then you can set it up as static later on.


The second thing I would like to bring to light is my experiencing mapping the entire 10/8 subnet. At first i thorugh this would take a month to map almost 17 million ip addresses but much to my surpirse it only took 9 days 28 minutes and 26 seconds. The map alone provided me with a great deal of information about my network such as my ISP was leaking 10. networks into my routing tables. It was like turning the lights on in the closet for the first time in a while.


Anyway just wanted to share my "real world" experience thus far as I am leaning heavily towards the virtual appliance both due to the price point and its performance.