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VLAN Trunking Problem

Question asked by pougins1977 on Feb 28, 2012

Hello All,


I've a problem with an appliance to set up the VLAN


First of all:


- The VLAN mode is active in my account and the appliance is 2.6 (I already use the mode with some other appliances)


For the Appliance it self, you can find the cionfiguration:


- On the LCD Appliance, I've set up:

          - Enable VLAN on LAN: I've set up the ID with 231. I can't put 0000 because the switch configuration wants that all the trafic is tagged.

          - Enable static IP with the LAN IP needed to have a connection to the proxy and to have the conenction to the internal network (all IP in the same "range"


- On the web interface:

     - I've set up all the VLAN with the configuration recived from my telecom team (IP on the VLAN, Mask, ID)

     - I've set up all the static routes : All the gateway needed with the target reachable with the Gateway



But when I 'm chacking the vulnerability result, I've no result (no vulnerability)


The only thing that I can see, It's the Tracerout

     And it's my problem, the route used is always the route from the LAN interface configuration and not the VLAN route (in fact no route if the appliance uses the VLAN IP dedicated to the range scanned)



My questions are:


- Do you see any problem in my configuration

- Do you think that the Enable VLAN obn LAN defined in the LCD can be a problem regarding the configuration set up in the web interface.

- Can we set up a VLAN on the LCD to tag the LAN IP and set up some other VLAN in the web interface


Thks in advance for your help