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"Next Launch" misleading, and Qualys Support agrees  #645736

Question asked by Chalky_White on Feb 28, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2012 by Chalky_White



I don't recall the pre-v7.0 GUI behaving this way.   When i schedule a map or scan for every Saturday, and the start date is set at 3rd March, the "Next launch" column on the main schedule list tells me it will be 10th March.


The next launch will infact be the 3rd March as this is the initial launch. After such time, the next launch will reflect correctly.


to me "next launch" is just that.  I don't need confusion like this in my busy day.


Also, I'm still waiting for the ability to view all scans/maps in one live diary view, to help find windows when scanners are free or when scans are mistakenly configured to leak into business hours.  I requested this feature years ago, which Qualys admitted would be useful.  The "Download as icalendar" is just not enough, as it's too manual a process and not live once you have downloaded it.


Sorry for a bit of a morning rant.  Just trying to keep Qualys performing better and better.


Thanks, Tony