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vlan trunking not working

Question asked by Herman M on Jan 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2012 by Michael Cardamone

I need some help with vlan trunking.  Doesn't seem like it is used much as a simple search for vlan trunking in this community yielded zero results.  I have multiple appliances on our internal network configured with static IP's and in VLAN trunking mode.  One appliance has been assigned a vlan configuration to reach our DMZ network protected by a firewall.  When I run a VM scan, I get the same results with the scanner configured to scan the DMZ vlan as I do with a scanner not configured with a vlan to run a dmz scan (dmz vlan has not been configured on the appliance).  The result is the firewall is blocking all traffic except ports 80 and 443.  I thought the point of putting the scanner in vlan trunking mode and configuring it to scan a certain vlan (in my case behind a firewall) is that the appliance would be "seen" as a device on that vlan network (in my case the dmz) and not have the traffic filtered if there were a firewall present (in my case there is a firewall)?? 


I don't like the idea of opening a hole in the firewall to allow any traffic to and from our scanners IP address.  Please advise.