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how to check authentication success ?

Question asked by guenole bescon on Dec 22, 2011
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To test our Airline webapps, we use a workaround to pass from the home page to the flights avaiability page (by using the custom form authentication).


The home page displays some input forms like the airport city pairs and the calendar for departure and return dates. (cf attachement home_page.jpg).


So, to be able to scan the availability page, I created a custom form authentication which contains all the necessary input parameters.


The Web application is then defined as follow :

- Starting URL:

     url of the home page

- Custom form authentication:

     in action, the url of the availability page

     all the needed parameters (cf attachement form_custom.jpg)


But unfortunately, using this configuration, WAS is not able to scan the availability page. WAS only scans the home page (starting url).


Do you know what is wrong in this configuration ?


Is it another way to be able to fill the input parameters to pass from pages to pages ?


Thanks a lot for your help.