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Feature Requests for Browsercheck

Question asked by mycrowsquish on Nov 17, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2011 by agentQ

I have a coupld of feature requests for Browsercheck.


I would love to have my whole company run this on their browsers. However, getting folks to run this and having to deal with the display, helpdesk calls, and questions makes that very difficult. It would really be nice if this could run silently and just report the results to my 'company' browser check site. this way I can see the stats and know what to do. Typically, the users won't.


Only display the need for "trusted sites" once. I don't use the Microsoft supplied firewall and have another more full features firewall/IDS installed, that apparently does get seen by the check without being a trusted site. Instead, I see this popup every time I visit the browsercheck site. Plus, I'm rather steadfast in my denying anyone from adding sites to the "trusted" list. That I believe is reserved for our own sites that are under the control of our company. Otherwise, when I trust a site outside of one I control, I could be letting in evil, not that I would ever suspect that from Qualys, a company I'm trusting with my Vulnerability Management.