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QualysGuard Seem like can't boot up !!

Question asked by Petal Tang on Oct 18, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2011 by qualyschris

Hi all


I'm the Newbie of Qualys.


I have Qualysguard Hardware on my hand, I want to set the IP Address.



I read the Docuement the boot process is


Welcome to QualysGuard

Qualys Scanner is starting up...

Filesystem check in progress...

Qualys Scanner is coming up...


But while i booting up the hardware , it's seem like hang on the " Welcome to QualysGuard"


Then I try to wait more than 10 mins, it still show " Welcome to QualysGuard" and i try to using the LCD Keypad ; however it's no any response

Could anyone tell me what i can do ??


Thank !!