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Qualy Scanner Appliance Placement - Need help

Question asked by Avik Mukherjee on Sep 23, 2011

Hi, i have the following scenario and i need help in configuring Qualys scanners


There are Two different network segments and two scanner applainces for each segment. But i want 2 scanning asset groups that would be a mix of assets from both these network (Asset group 1 would have assets from both the network segments and same is true for asset group 2). These are all internal scans. How can i configure Qulays appliance so that both the appliances can be used and each determine which host can be reached from which appliance.


For better understanding


Location 1 has following assets (A1, A2, A3........)

Location 2 has following assets (B1, B2, B3........)


Asset Group 1 has follwing assets (A1,A2,B3,B4....)

Asset Group 1 has follwing assets (A3,A4,B1,B2....)


Now i want to scan based on asset groups and have two scanner appliance placed at location 1 &2 respectively.


Thanks in advance.