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Problem with "Open Ticket Trend" in Executive Remediation Report

Question asked by Karl Bernard on Sep 6, 2011

I recently deleted a huge number of open remediation tickets so we could start with a fresh batch, with associated new deadlines. Apparently this has odd effects on trending reports... It appears that the trending report is based on the current number of tickets residing in the database and doesn't factor in the large number of deleted tickets. The net effect to me and my infrastructure is that it now looks like we had a very small number of tickets, that subsequently ballooned when we did our latest scan. This is opposed to the reality of the situation, which is that we drastically reduced the number of open tickets because of a change in our remediation policy. If you look at the two graphs below, you'll see the pre-scan numbers are vastly different.


I would have preferred it if the trending information was taken as a day-to-day, or week-to-week snapshot, rather than a tally of the existing tickets. Or at least make a placeholder in the database for deleted tickets and give me the option to factor them into trending. Subsequently, since we aren't tracking deletions, I don't believe that the current method accurately reflects the trends that we're seeing.


Before deletion:


After deletion and scan: