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Qualys and Open LDAP authentication records

Question asked by Paul Campbell on Jun 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2011 by qualyschris

We are standing up a large new cloud infrastructure. in the design there are 30 class c subnets that are and will be hosting windows systems, redhat systems, and other linux systems, (i.e. Centos). The linux based systems are using Open LDAP for authentication. All the systems in these subnets will and are using DHCP for ip addrsss allocation with very short leases. Due to the design of the infrastructure any of the windows and linux based systems can and do chnage the IP address that they use day to day.


What im wanting to do is set up an authentication record in Qualys that can use Open LDAP to authenticate the linux based systems, using records similar to Active directory


Can anyone offer advise as how we may go about setup a authentication record that can use Open LDAP