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A peculiar issue faced with qualys

Question asked by Pon Sriram on Jun 16, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2011 by Michael Cardamone

Hi Robert,

       I am faced with quite a peculiar issue which prevents me from running a compliance scan. I am having a test pc running windows XP on our test network. This network is accessible for the scanner. In order to run a clear and thorough compliance scan, we created a local admin account on the test pc and have added those credentials to the authentication records in the qualys account for the scanner to access. However, when I run the scan, it returns an error showing me that it passes the authentication but could not proceed with the scan as it does not have sufficient privileges. How is this possible when we have shared the local administrator privileges of the pc with the Qualys scanner via authentication records? Is this issue occuring because the test pc is not part of the active directory of the organisation? Please advise. I have literally run out of routes to take for resolving this issue.