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Scanning a server through firewall

Question asked by tlgksl80 on May 25, 2011
Latest reply on May 30, 2011 by tlgksl80

Hi all,


In case of the configuration below, how many packets will be sent per second?


     -Performance settings at the Scan tap of option profile,

        Overall Performance: Custom

        Hosts to Scan in Parallel

          External Scanners: 1

          Scanner Appliances: 1

        Processes to Run in Parallel (per Host)

          Total Processes: 1

          HTTP Processes: 1

        Packet Delay

          Packet (Burst) Delay: Maximum

        Port Scanning and Host Discovery

          Intensity: Minimum


Although I applied it to scan, packets are too many.

Therefore, scan is not normally performed.


Is there any other options to change intensity of scan?


Many thanks.