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Logon Credential Authentication issue.

Question asked by William Pickens on May 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2011 by QM_SSJ4

I am having an issue with authoratative scanning. I thought this was working before but it isn't now.


I have an domain admins account in mycompany domain  ex: mycompany/qualys_scan_srv

Any nodes I do an authoritative scan in mycompany domain works fine.


I have nodes in a different two-way trusted domain.  ex


I created an authenthication record.

     Windows authentication -> Domain type "Active Directory"

                                             Domain Name:

                              Follow trust relationship




                    password: ******



mycompany/qualys_scan_srv is in the nodes local admins group.


***** When the scan runs it fails to authenticate.




if i set authentication record





                    password: ******



***** When the scan runs with IP address identified, authentication WORKS!.



Any Ideas!  I thought I had this working over a large multi-domain asset group.   I just noticed it this week that it is not working.