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Qualys Authenticated Scan (Urgent)

Question asked by manishupasani on Apr 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2011 by randamw

Hello All,

I am trying to scan a Windows 2008 Box and the firewall is turned off on the same.

I have also created Auth Record with local admin credentials for the same box.

I am using pretty generic options to scan the server (no special requirements) but unfortunately neither qualys is able to authenticate to that box not its returning any scan data.


Its not even able to detect the OS type whereas I have used nmap, and its pretty much giving all information.

I have deliberately enabled ftp and telnet on the server but still of no use...


Can somebody help me to find out what is happening...the same option profile is giving out info for rest of the hosts and the connectivity from the scanner to the server is also working pretty good.


Thanks in Advance