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Scan Based Compliance Report

Question asked by K C on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on May 31, 2019 by K C

In the VM module there is the option to either get a scan based report for a particular scan or a host based report for all the scan conducted on a target. Is there a way to get a scan based report in the PC module? In our environment we work with custom policies and when I edit the some controls and evaluate the control from the policy itself, it passes. However, when I run an actual compliance scan with the same policy the report comes out has failed. Not sure if it is a data replication delay or something else. To eliminate the data replication problem I first just ran the report next day and got same result. Even running new scan and report the second day gave the same result.

Has anyone had a similar problem/situation and if there is a solution please could you suggest possible solutions.


And yes using an agent isn't an option since this target is agent ineligible target.