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[Help] Custom Remediation Report

Question asked by Daniel Miller on Jun 24, 2016

Below are the details I've defined in the out-of-the-box remediation report. I really like the report because it shows only the tickets assigned to a given user and aggregates the vulnerabilities.


What I would like to do, is have a drop down under each vulnerability to display the IP's of the assets effected, instead of just a total number. In addition, a link to the vulnerability details so the user could see the recommended solution would be ideal. I know this can be done with a scan report, but I cant limit a scan report to only show assigned tickets.


Report Details:

Type     Remediation

Title      Sys Admin Remediation Report

Template     Tickets per Vulnerability

Format          HTML

Generation Method     On Demand

Source Auto

Asset Groups     All

IP Addresses     -

Domain          -

IP Restriction     -

Display Results for     User