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Compliance Scan Result: Invalid Parameter

Question asked by Chris Patzer on Feb 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by Hariom Singh


I'm relatively new and playing around with my first user defined controls:


I try to check a default value with a user defined control.

I found that on the help page:

NAME. Enter the name of the registry value as it appears in the Name column in the Registry Editor window. If you do not specify a registry value name, then the service will check the content of the default value for the specified registry key. The default value appears as (Default) in the Name column in the Registry Editor window.


I understood: When I leave the NAME empty, the default value is checked.


But when I do so, I get an "invalid parameter" error.

My parameter:invalid_parameter.PNGconrtol.PNG


The key is correct, I created another control, that checks a named key in that registry key and this is working fine.


Any hints, what I'm doing wrong? Could it be a problem, that the key is "empty"?