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Slow HTTP POST vulnerability

Question asked by Mohammad Hasan on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by fmc

Dear Experts;

can any one help me to solve the solve  the vulnerability "Slow HTTP POST vulnerability" that appear when make scan by Qualys FreeScan. our system is Exchange 2010 mail server published by TMG 2010.



The web application is possibly vulnerable to a "slow HTTP POST" Denial of Service (DoS) attack. This is an application-level DoS that consumes server resources by maintaining open connections for an extended period of time by slowly sending traffic to the server. If the server maintains too many connections open at once, then it may not be able to respond to new, legitimate connections. Unlike bandwidth-consumption DoS attacks, the "slow" attack does not require a large amount of traffic to be sent to the server -- only that the client is able to maintain open connections for several minutes at a time. The attack holds server connections open by sending properly crafted HTTP POST headers that contain a Content-Length header with a large value to inform the web server how much of data to expect. After the HTTP POST headers are fully sent, the HTTP POST message body is sent at slow speeds to prolong the completion of the connection and lock up server resources. By waiting for the complete request body, the server is helping clients with slow or intermittent connections to complete requests, but is also exposing itself to abuse. More information can be found at the in this presentation .


All other services remain intact but the web server itself becomes inaccessible.


thanks in advance.