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Server Decommisioning

Question asked by ByronL on Nov 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2015 by mcalvi

My colleague prefers to purge servers that are being decommed but Qualys Help indicates that Purging hosts does not delete scan results. You can still report on scan results by running scan reports with scan based findings.  My preference if to go to Asset Hosts and select to REMOVE but confirmation popup indicates IPs will be deleted from Asset Groups, Scheduled Scans will be deactivated at the next launch (except when the target includes asset groups only and at least one asset group has remaining IPs), Automatic host data will be purged, and  Tickets and Exceptions will be deleted.  There is no mention of authentication records.  Removing a hosts from a subscription should mean cleaning out every entry in every table in the database but this does seem to be the case.  What is best method to process (in Qualys) the shutdown of a server?