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Report that is basically a count of all CI's / Assets

Question asked by Julian Poyntz on Sep 30, 2015

Hi All

I have been asked to assist the automation of a report we need to create and pass on.

There are 4 items in all.  For 3 of them I have created a Vulnerability report and it is set so that an internal account can read the report when scheduled.

All working fine via REST in Excel and I can extrapolate what I need.


The only one that is causing me a concern is that somehow I need to report on the total number of CI's / Assets.

Using the vulnerability reports, even when choosing all options I do not get anywhere near to the count of device I see when I click on the Assets tab


Does anyone know of a way to create a scheduled report that an internal account (with the most limited rights) can read, and that I can download via REST ?

I did look at creating a Scorecard report which was not too bad, but I found that I had to manually add the internal account after the report had been generated, and even when I had done this I could not see it when I ran the REST command to get a list of reports for me to download.


Any pointers or links to a KB article would be appreciated