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Qualys XML Report Generation Via API and Templates

Question asked by Clem Spriggs on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by Jeff Leggett

So I have been searching the forum for an answer to a question I have about the role of templates in XML reports. From what I have learn't is the template system is primarily designed for human readable reports and machine readable formats like XML ignore most of the report template filters. Is there a specific list of what fields in the report templates are ignore when generating XML. Also is there a universal system report template that can be used for generating a standard XML format that everyone can read and that exists in every Qualys account by default?


I'm trying to create a Vuln report repository for the other security tools, SIEM's GRC Red Seal etc that consume vuln data so they can grab a flat file. If each system reaches out independently to the Qualys API the same information is being generated multiple times and we are going to hit our 24hr API rate limit if we operate in this manner as we grow.