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QID: 12034 ASP.NET Custom Errors Found Turned Off - Citrix Secure Gateway

Question asked by Craig Berg on Dec 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2011 by wayne mercer

I'm currently running a Citrix Secure Gateway server on Server 2008 Standard - IIS7, utilizing .Net Framework v2.0.50727.  My PCI scan came back with QID 12034 ASP.NET custom errors found turned off. 


On the advice of the report i changed all config files for the webstie as well as global config for .NET to turn on custom errors.  After restarting IIS and rebooting the server i ran another scan but only to see that it is still failing.  I double checked all the config files and found that custom errors are still set to On.


I've seen 2 other posts on this issue but neither have had this same problem.  Any help would be really appreciated.  Thanks in advance.