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QID 12011 and QID 12034 citrix gateway

Question asked by Jay Beaty on Nov 9, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2011 by Jay Beaty

I'm trying to patch up QID 12011 and QID 12034 on a windows 2003 machine running IIS,

ASP.NET Version:1.1.4322.2470 and


Our backup and the production citrix gateways are the same. So I'm testing my changes on the backup, the backup is not connected to the outside world. How can I test for the above QIDs? Currently customerrors is set to "remoteonly" in production and the backup machine.config.

Would changing it to "On" be my next step?


I do not get that many chances to reboot production, so I need to get this right

citrix gateway.