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Qualys-Archer Integration with Scan based finding

Question asked by Rohit Kumar on Nov 17, 2014

Hi All,


Need help regarding Qualys-Archer Integration please suggest me appropriate solution for that:


I need to use Scan Based finding template for archer-Qualys integration.  But when we are creating a report template into Qualys using Scan based finding type instead of host based finding I am not able to push my results into the archer.

Is there anyone who has tried this before or can share ideas which could be helpful for my approach.


Also if I will go for Host based Finding in template then I was thinking of having a same profile or single asset group (parent group) for all the existing host IPs of my org and the same folder/asset group should be used in quarterly assessment also. I doubt, if it will solve my purpose, please share your thoughts. Any help will be appreciated!