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BrowserCheck not updated?

Question asked by JStribrsky on Oct 20, 2014



I have met possible problem with Qualys BrowserCheck. Last patch Tuesday brought lot of new versions in browser world - at least Firefox, Chrome, Java, Flash. During previous patch Tuesdays, I was able to see on Wednesday several needed downloads. Last Wednesday, no recommendation appeared, all was shown as updated. I have updated Java, Firefox, Chrome and Flash player, but till now, I do see Firefox 33.0 as Pre-release, which doesn't seems to me as correct.

Similar problem had also my colleagues, everything shown as updated, but old versions installed. Anyone experienced similar behaviour? We are hidden behind filtering proxy, but I have tried it also on public network and this was not fixed. I have tried even to uninstall & install plugin, but result is still same.


    Best regards

          Jarda Stribrsky