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Issue with cid-1950      Permissions set for the '%SystemDrive%'

Question asked by swarupbehera on Oct 16, 2014



We have issue with the cid-1950. We have defined permission set on this folder for the users. As per the configuration for this control it will search for the permission of the users and if finds the same as mentioned in the control it throws pass or else throws fail. But even if we have no normal user account on the server and only have administrator account still the control is failing.

We want to configure the control as follows.

It should work like this---

If there is normal user account on the server then it will check for the permission on the folder as mentioned in the control.

If no normal user is there it should show as pass.(We have more secured by creating only admin account).


The issue is even if there is no normal user account it is showing as the control is failed.


Please help on this to resolve.