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Using IronBee usage in production

Question asked by joseph djomeda on Sep 27, 2014

Hello All,


This is my fist post and I am not a security expert. Sorry if this post has been asked already.


I am looking for a Web Application Firewall, I have not had much success with owasp_modsecurity_crs (almost every request got access denied, so I disabled it). Here I am planning for a reverse proxy server and I got a suggestion from spiceworks to look into ironbee. Since the creators of modsecurity are the same as the ones for Ironbee my hopes are Ironbee is more user friendly. However I did not see extensive resources online showing various ways of using it. So my question is , is it used in production. If yes how to make a strong production ready update WAF with it. If there are tutorials , or any sort of resources that can get me up and running quickly while I take my time and read the documentation , I would be most grateful.



Thanks in advance