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What "store maintained by Mozilla" do you use to obtain the list of trusted Certificate Authorities?

Question asked by Colin Earl on Apr 9, 2014

When tested at one of our sites gets a rating of F because "Trusted No   NOT TRUSTED (Why?)"


You explain:


Why is my certificate not trusted?


There are many reasons why a certificate may not be trusted. The     exact problem is indicated on the report card in bright red.      The problems fall into three categories:

  1. Invalid certificate
  2. Invalid configuration
  3. Unknown Certificate Authority


You say "SSL Labs does not     maintain its own trust store; instead we use the store maintained by Mozilla", but I cannot find that store. When I click the link "Client Certificates" at, it returns an error saying that it cannot connect to


Mozilla itself does not complain about the certificate and it was issued by a well known authority


How can I find out why this certificate is not trusted?


Best, Colin