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Does Qualys provides any integrations into other systems?

Question asked by Sapan Shah on Nov 14, 2013
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I would like to hve some clarification on the following questions. It would be great if someone can answer them as soon as possible:


- Does Qualys provides any integrations with other systems such as, Defect Tracking System, Web Application Firewalls, IDEs, Source Code Repositories, GRC, SIEM and so on? With which of these systems?


- If yes, which systems, i.e. name of the systems like F5 WAF, Archer, etc.?


- Does Qualys charge anythign extra for integrating any of the above system? How much it would be? Can you please give me a break-up of the pricing?


Please let me know in case of any more information. I will look forward to your response.