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Automatic Scans and Multiple Browsers

Question asked by cpapa on Sep 16, 2013
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I tried BrowserCheck today and like it. But there are a few things I fail to find the answer to in the help files:


1. I use multiple browsers, namely Firefox, Chrome and Safari. They're all open and I use them for different things/sites/purposes (Firefox for manual surfing, Chrome for opening links in as the default browser and also for videos, and Safari as a third browser for testing stuff).

My question is; Which makes most sense, to keep the BrowserCheck plugin installed in just ONE of the browsers (and if so, the one I surf around in manually or the one that is used by default to open links in?), or to install the BrowserCheck plugin in all three browsers?

I guess that if I install it in all three, I need to keep it updated in all three, so it might make more sense to have it in only one (assuming that one can check the others too, which seems to be the case).


2. When on , there's an on/off button named "Automatic scans". Nowhere, from what I can tell, is this one explained. What does it do, how often does it make checks run, and can you just turn this on and then never go to the BrowserCheck site again?


3. Slightly depending on the answer to #2, but if you install the plugin, and if needed turn on that "Automatic scans", do you still need to go to the BrowserCheck site to get alerts about when there's a risk/stuff to update?


4. I see there's a free BrowserCheck Business edition. What is the catch? Why do Qualys supply this service for free? Is there some major limitation that make it not practically useful so that you need to upgrade to their Express Lite anyway at some point? It's just really hard to find any form of "why" and comparison to the other products. At least a comparison to see what it contains relative to the personal one and the Express Lite would be nice.


Thank you!