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    percularity with Windows 2008

    Chris Eddy Level 1

      Hello all,


      Thought I would throw this out there quick...I am currently investigating why I am not seeing any vulnerabilities when I do a scan of Windows 2008 servers.  The authenication record is successful, but it is not showing any vulnerabilities.


      I do suspect a security setting somewhere, but currently I am unable to find that setting, and looking at the event logs does not seem to point me to anything particular.  The local firewall on the servers has been disabled.


      Does anybody have any ideas?


      thanks in advance...



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          Chris Eddy Level 1

          I am also seeing this on windows 2003 as well, I know we are going through a hardening process, so I suspect that is what is causing this.




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            jfredrickson Level 1



            In addition to the document that pfox related to - I have run into similiar issues when you are trying to run authenticated scans on Windows 2008 when you're not using the built in administrator account.  UAC needs to be turned off for that account.  Once they are disabled, you can then go back and turn them on individually (odd, I know).


            To turn off UAC:  Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Turn User Account Control (on or off)

            To turn back the default UAC controls manually:  Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy -> Local Policy -> Security Options


            This is covered for Vista hosts on page 11 in the aforementioned document.


            I hope this helps.




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