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HPUX 11.  UDC creation assistance

Question asked by Todd Luther on Jul 17, 2013

I added the below to a discussion I had on this posting regarding control 3877, but I think it is more appropriate now in its own thread, and we can get the other one closed:


Ok so now I am seeking some UDC assistance...I have tried creating a UDC for the issues I have been experiencing; however, I cannot seem to see what is actually in the /etc/default/security  directory/folder.


Here is what I am looking a work around for the 3877 control above, we are not running TCB on our HP-UX environment.   We have 11.0, 11.11, and 11.12 servers.   Since the UNIX team is not able to change the permissions of the 'nullpw' field, they have created the following work around:

in the /etc/default/security folder they have created 'ALLOW_NULL_PASSWORD=0'

they have tested that this does block a user from creating an account with a null password.


I have tried creating UDC control file content check and one for integrity check to show the ALLOW_NULL_PASSWORD=0 exists as a setting.   Even when I flag it as a .* the HP-UX 11.11 servers pass the control, but nothing shows.   I have tried various cardinality checks, but I cannot get that to show.  Am I missing something?


I have done multiple UDC creations before on RedHat and Windows systems, never ran into this sort of issues.


Any and all assistance is appreciated.