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Policy Report When Using Dynamic Tags

Question asked by jdratcliffe on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2013 by Christophe Delaure

I recently created dynamic tags to scan a specific subset of servers - those that are RHEL5 and that contain the "test" in their hostname.  When clicking on the dynamic tag for both the OS version and hostname, I see they populate with the proper amount of servers.


After creating the tags, I scanned those assets that fit those dyanmic tags and the scan was successful.  After running a "policy report" and reviewing the contents, there are no results (as shown below).  Additionally, all the controls in the report show a "NA" next to them in the report.


Can anyone provide any help or insight on how to get this fixed?  I validated that the IPs are configured for authentication and have been added to the Policy Compliance module.


Report Summary Info

Template: Unix Compliance Template - Grouped By Hosts

Asset Groups:

Asset Tags: Included(all): PC Test, RHEL 5;

Active Hosts: 0

Controls: 202

Technologies: 1 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x)

Total Control Instances: 0

Total Passed: 0

Total Failed: 0

Total Error: 0

Approved Exceptions: 0

Pending Exceptions: 0

Policy Modified: 01/03/2013 at 15:24:44 (GMT-0600)


Example of Control Results in Report

5.1 2542 Status of the current list of 'Groups having duplicate GID's'           N/A

5.2 2541 Current list of 'User accounts having duplicate UID's'                    N/A