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Windows 7 with Firewall enabled - Which ports should be opened to do a scan?

Question asked by Rodrigo Paiva on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by Rodrigo Paiva

Dear all,


I have many machines with Windows 7 and all have thefirewall enabled. When I run a scan against these machines, the result bringdata only with TYPE IG... no vulnerabilities are found.


On the other hand, when I enable all TCP and UDP ports inthe Windows 7 machines, the scan brings a result with Vulnerabilities, becauseQualys could connect to the machine and scan the files.


My question is: Which ports (TCP and UDP) should I open inthe Windows 7 firewall for Qualys get access to the machine and could scan all files?




Rodrigo Paiva