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Easy way to check if local Windows Auth is working?

Question asked by Tod Kuykendall on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2012 by Tod Kuykendall

There are a small number of machines I'd like to start using Authenticated Scanning for so I started with a single one as a test. Everything from auth to the scans are specified by a single IP address.


I created a local Windows authentication record for it and imported an Authenticated scan profile and ran it against a machine of the same address. The scan report shows Windows auth as enabled.


The scan results from the pre-authenticated scan and post authenticated scan are exactly alike so I'm not sure if it's actually authenticating or not. I altered the password to break authentication and re-ran the scan and I can't find a report anywhere in the scan results or reporting about whether it successfully authenticated.


Is this information somewhere that I'm missing?  Alternately is there some way I can create a report that will display the success or failure of auth scans in the host report?


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