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QID 38171 - Why is QualysGuard PCI insisting on RSA key lengths > 1024

Question asked by baxter1629 on Jul 30, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2012 by Duncan.Potterton

After this QID was updated last week we are now getting a PCI failure on one of our sites which is using a1024 bit RSA key in it's SSL certificate. This certificate expires in November.


Does anyone else feel like Qualys is jumping the gun on declaring this a failure? All of our keys that were issued since January 2011 have a 2048 bit public key and we only issue certificates for 2 years. However, because of this updated QID we are now being told that we have to immediately go through and update any certificate w/key < 2048 rather than just renewing them as the expire throughout the rest of 2012.


I have read the NIST publication that is apparently the basis for the update of 38171 and while it indicates RSA keys of 1024 are considered deprecated for digital signature generation and legacy for digital signature verification, it does not disallow them currently.


Qualys' own SSL best practices document ( published in February indicates that "existing 1024-bit keys can stay in place, but you should plan to upgrade them the next time the certificates are up for renewal, or within the next two years"