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Help me to find some PC controls for HP-UX

Question asked by Maique Griebler on Jun 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2012 by Robert Dell'Immagine

Dear Community,


I need some help to find these controls below for HP-UX:



Security patches

Security patches should be implemented upon initial installation


Security patch management

System must be set to receive important security patches on a regular basis, subject to local patch management and vulnerability management procedures.


Configure secure access

SecureShell (ssh) should be configured for access to the system. Review that secureshell is installed


Set Sticky Bit on World Writable Directories

Ensure that the sticky bit is set for all unexpected or exposed world writable directories.


Secure unauthorised world-writable files and SUID/SGID executables

Identify and remove write access for world-writable files and unauthorised SUID/SGID files on the system.


Resolve “unowned” files and directories

Evaluate ownership of any files that are not owned by a locally defined user, and consider reassignment to an active user.


Configure IPFilter to allow only select communication

Restrict incoming network traffic to explicitly allowed hosts to prevent unauthorised access the system.


Install and configure sudo

sudo allows the administrator to delegate just that one task using root authority without allowing that group of users any other root capability.


Remove compilers

If the system does not require compilers, then these should be removed.


Thanks in advance,