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How unpatched are people's computers?  Seeking Metrics

Question asked by sweerek on Jun 23, 2012



BrowserCheck has been running for awhile and I'm sure its collected a great deal of information on how updated user's machines are (not).  Would Qualys kindly post some statisitcs about BrowserCheck's use and impact?


For example, how many installs?  How many scans?  By OS type?  Number of errors found on first scan?  (Or a typical scan?)  On a follow-up rescan?  (to give an idea of how many folks and to what extend take the recommended actions)  What are the most popular out-of-date software?   How many are more than 1 version old?


I think its a great tool.  As my other post suggests, there's a strong business case for website providers to insure those computers accessing their sensitve information are up to date.  Such usage statisitcs as requested above can be used to make this business case even stronger.