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Problem creating crawl exclusion white list

Question asked by llepere on Jun 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2012 by WillB

The applications I need to scan are within a very large site of mostly static pages (more than the maximum the scanner will crawl). So I need to use a white list to target the application. All of the applications are in subdirectories and some are in subdirectories two or three levels down from the root. But I can only get Qualys to scan things one level down.


Initially I set up a white list with RegEx's like these:**


It wouldn't scan anything at all until I added the following white list URL:

Then it did scan /subdir1/.* but not /subdir2/subdir3/.*


So I thought perhaps I had to add URLs to help it find the correct path. So I added the following white list URL:

It still won't scan /subdir2/subdir3/.*


I've never worked with white lists or black lists before in any context so perhaps there's something fundamental that I'm missing.