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Creating Patch Reports for specific months

Question asked by Nitin Gopinathan on Jun 8, 2012



I would like to know whether there is any way to generate patch reports to highlight missing Microsoft patches from a particular month. For example, I want to confirm which patches from May have been successfully deployed. However, a missing patch from April keeps showing up in the reports. It says "Last Detected - 21 days ago".


I am limiting my scans to Microsoft Vulnerabilities using search lists in the option profile.


I believe Qualys reports on missing patches for vulnerabilities detected in the last 30 days (if I choose 30 days in the patch report template). Any way I can generate a report that simply highlights missing patches released in the last 30 days?


I have attached the results of a "Test Run" of the Patch Report Template configured to report on missing patches for the last 30 days.


EDIT : Any information available on this?