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Appliance => Communication failure: problem with appliance => statut not used and offline

Question asked by pougins1977 on Jun 7, 2012


To expllain: the appliance is down since 24/05/2012 . It's normal because we had to change some configuration on the network



  • LAN Interface with VLAN Enable
  • WAN interface
  • Proxy serrings

And after that we've check:


- Switch configuration

- FW configuration

- Proxy Configuration

=> All is ok


After we've checked ( with the log from the proxy and FW) and the commu!nication is going out of our network "correctly".

I'm trying to reboot the appliance directly from the Webinterface (

=> It's working


But it's not possible to upate the versions of the scanner ( 6.2.61-1 and the newest is 6.3.36-1  and the signature (2.2.108-2 and the newest is 2.2.145-2)

The status is Offline

Updates with X

and the draw is yellow (not used)


Can you check or can you help me to check some specifics things?