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What's your WAS Selenium scripting experience been like?

Question asked by Karl Bernard on Jun 1, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2012 by Alan Challet

Some questions and comments about Selenium:

  • Are you using Selenium just for authentication?
  • Just for crawling?
  • Both?
  • Have you been able to succesfully specifiy a regex to prove the script ran or authenticated properly?


We recently started seriuosly using WAS and have been experimenting with Selenium scripting to get some of the work done and have been having mixed success. On one application, I was able to succesfully create a Selenium login script that works, but all attempts at a proof regex failed, other than a lone period as an overly broad wild card. I have another app that I used it's horribly misspelled middle name for the test user ("minddlename") and it was still read as a failure.


I've also been having problems getting my Selenium crawl scripts to run. After I record a crawl through a web app, I play back the script in the IDE to make sure it looks right and runs all the way through the links the original scan wasn't scanning, but when I check under QID: 150009/Links Crawled, I only see a limited number of discovered links and the "Explicit URLs to Crawl" that I'd specified on the "Application Details". For "Specify URL or regular expression to trigger this script" I've been using the URL that's seen after the end-user is authenticated and in the app.


What have you done that works?


Thanks for any and all suggestions,