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QualysGuard scan results show that our host is vulnerable with QID:45017  | Operating System Detected

Question asked by Pawan Kumar on May 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by Bernie Weidel
QualysGuard scan results show that our host is vulnerable with QID:45017  | Operating System Detected.
How can I fix this? I did not find any way to fix that.Is there any solution to fix this?

Several different techniques can be used to identify the operating system (OS) running on a host. A short description of these techniques is provided below. The specific technique used to identify the OS on this host is included in the RESULTS section of your report.

1) TCP/IP Fingerprint: The operating system of a host can be identified from a remote system using TCP/IP fingerprinting. All underlying operating system TCP/IP stacks have subtle differences that can be seen in their responses to specially-crafted TCP packets. According to the results of this "fingerprinting" technique, the OS version is among those listed below.

Note that if one or more of these subtle differences are modified by a firewall or a packet filtering device between the scanner and the host, the fingerprinting technique may fail. Consequently, the version of the OS may not be detected correctly. If the host is behind a proxy-type firewall, the version of the operating system detected may be that for the firewall instead of for the host being scanned.

2) NetBIOS: Short for Network Basic Input Output System, an application programming interface (API) that augments the DOS BIOS by adding special functions for local-area networks (LANs). Almost all LANs for PCs are based on the NetBIOS. Some LAN manufacturers have even extended it, adding additional network capabilities. NetBIOS relies on a message format called Server Message Block (SMB).

3) PHP Info: PHP is a hypertext pre-processor, an open-source, server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language used to create dynamic Web pages. Under some configurations it is possible to call PHP functions like phpinfo() and obtain operating system information.

4) SNMP: The Simple Network Monitoring Protocol is used to monitor hosts, routers, and the networks to which they attach. The SNMP service maintains Management Information Base (MIB), a set of variables (database) that can be fetched by Managers. These include "MIB_II.system.sysDescr" for the operating system.

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Operating SystemTechniqueID
Linux 2.4-2.6TCP/IP FingerprintU1723:80