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Policy Compliance - SQL Controls fail to evalute

Question asked by Nitin Gopinathan on May 14, 2012
Latest reply on May 17, 2012 by Jason Creech



I have been running quite a few scans to check whether my SQL Server 2000 controls work as expected. However, there is no data related to SQL Server being displayed in any of the reports. No graphs, no data, nothing. I am not able to figure out the problem despite repeated changes to the policy and scan profiles. The machine being scanned is tunning SQL Server 2000 on a Windows 2003 Server machine. Screenshot below shows the output I get from every scan.


EDIT : When testing for the same values using manually created controls, things seem to be running fine. The inbuilt controls are failing without any error message. Is this a known issue?





Nitin Gopinathan