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Scan templates integrated into RSA Archer

Question asked by Rick Engelhardt on May 7, 2012

I am trying to integrate our scans into RSA Archer however the data does not seem to appear in the scans unless the scan report is run in a human readable format.When running the scans the data comes up on the reports however the appendices is "empty"




      Status:New, Active, Re-Opened, Fixed


      State:Active, Ignored

      Potential Vulnerabilities:

      State:Active, Ignored

      Information Gathered:

      State:Active, Disabled

      Included Operating Systems:

      All Operating Systems




The data is in the report in different areas and is included in the sorting for each host, it just doesn''t show up in the appendix, which archer is looking for.

I've seen several posts about some similar issues however I've not seen any solutions or follow on posts reagarding if the situation described has been resolved. any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in Advance