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TNE removing HTML tags

Question asked by John Bullough on Mar 30, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2012 by John Bullough

There is a function in the TNE script to remove HTML tags from the emails it sends.  (sub html_to_text) about line 1307.  This doesn't appear to be working.  We use HP Service Manager to to ticketing, and it, according to our admin, can only send out plain text emails.  So basically to alert admins TNE sends the ticket to service manager, it then parses it, crates it own ticket and notifies the admin.  Because of this the sections that are pulled from the Qualys KB have all the html tags exposed.  For exmaple...


The vendor released OpenSSL Version 0.9.8 f to addressthis issue. Update to the latest version of OpenSSL.                 


Refer to this <A HREF=""TARGET="_blank">OpenSSL advisory</A> for more       



For Redhat advisory, please refer to this <AHREF=""                        



For Solaris advisory, please refer to <A HREF=""TARGET="_blank">Solaris   



<P>Virtual Patches:<BR>                                                                                                     

<A HREF=""TARGET="_blank">Trend Micro VirtualPatching</A><BR>             

Virtual Patch #1000826: OpenSSLSSL_get_shared_ciphers Function Buffer Overflow<BR>                                         


So the question is, can anyone verify if the function in the TNE script to remove the HTML tags works?  The complexity of this script is beyond my meger scripting ability, so any guidence on how to get it working would be much appreciated.