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How are scanner appliances used when asset group contains other asset groups w/ scanners specified?

Question asked by six2one on Mar 29, 2012

Hi Qualys Community!


I did a quick search but may have missed the answer to this question I have.


Scenario: I have a main asset group set up for a certain specific infrastructure component. That asset group contains two (or more) sub-asset groups essentially. Those sub-asset groups each have their own scanner appliance specified and configured.


My question is this: When scanning the primary asset group, will the sub-asset groups honor and be scanned by their respecitively configured appliances? These sub-asset groups are essentially separated by a WAN link and it would be ideal for them to not be scanned by the opposite end.


If this is true then awesome!


If i should be required to set some specific configuration options on the primary asset group what would they be? Do i need to specifiy scanner appliances for the primary group or can I leave that blank? Any insight into this is appreciated!


Thanks in advance, I can offer more information if it will aid in figuring this out.