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    Screen saver exexutable name

    AlbertRudolf Level 2



      Is there any control within Qualys that could allow me to detect the screen saver executable name on a Windows server?


      What would the CID be?



        • Screen saver exexutable name
          Jason Creech Level 3

          Unfortunately not, there is not an out of the box control for detecting the name of the screensaver executable. 


          On Windows, if the registry location is consistent for where this might be defined, a User Defined Control (UDC) for Windows Registry Value Content might work.


          On UNIX, if there is a configuraiton file with a consistent name in a consistent file path location, then  the UDC for UNIX File Content might assist with the task.


          Also, if your requirement is that the screensaver exectuable be of a particular version/executable, the UDC for File Integrity would allow you to snapshot that file (MD5, SHA-1, or SHA-256) and then confirm that the other systems have the same file/location.


          I am interested in knowing how you check for this today? Which settings you check to confirm?  And the applicability of the above three options.  I can forward the information to engineering for review. 


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          Jason Creech


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