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    Assessment failed: Ssl2HelloTest

    Melle Visser Lurker



      when running a SSL test on concern.ir.rotterdam.nl an error is encountered:

      Assessment failed: Ssl2HelloTest: Unexpected message type in response: 0


      Is this because SSL2 is not available on the server?

      And if so, why is the test than aborted?




        • Assessment failed: Ssl2HelloTest
          Ivan Ristic Level 5

          Hi Melle,


          No, the assessment of your server failed because its response to the SSLv2 hello test was unusual. Our code is designed to fail hard when it encounters something unknow, which forces us to keep it correct. I have pushed version 1.0.102 to the web site, and you should now be able to complete the assessment.


          Thanks for your report!

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